Growing up quickly…

Time is running quickly and our foals of 2014 are growing up very well…. We’re really satisfied with their development and are looking forward to show them in 2015 and get the first results of the judges.

First Class - September 2014

First Class – September 2014

Moonwalk - September 2014

Moonwalk – September 2014

Silverstorm - September 2014

Silverstorm – September 2014



…last but not least!

MvN Salsas European First Class

* 04.06.2014
Sir: Oak Bay Salsamio Oak Bay Acres Miniature Horses by Sheryl Peterson)
Dam: Oakcrest Princess Royale

Last but not least… our 3rd and last foal of the breeding-season 2013/2014 has been born. The little guy was born around midnight and we’re very happy to have him with us finally. Everything went well with foal & mare so we instantly started the celebration right after the birth.

Thanks a lot to Sheryl, which made this unforgettable event possible for us! We’ll definitely keep you all up-to-date about his progress and are looking forward that he’ll meet his sibblings 2014 soon.  …pictures soon!

First boy in 2014…

* 18.05.2014

Dam: JSW Zorros Omega Moon

The 2nd foal of the year has arrived and we are very happy to have a new boy in the stable… Moonwalk was a big & late surprise on sunday evening but it was worth to keep ourselves awake all night.  🙂


First foal in 2014…

MvN Westernboys Silverstorm
Dam: Rocky Top Farms Im two Frisky
We are very happy to present our new girl SILVERSTORM, born on friday. Please welcome our new cutie!  We are very happy that everything went well!


Diva Royal goes NL

We are very happy to inform you all, that our lovely mare Diva Royal (*20.03.2013 out of Grosshill Boogermans Debutante, sired by Awestrucks Casanova) will move to the Netherlands to our friends Dees & Dirk. Our goal was to ensure that she gets an awesome home, where she receives love and heartiness each day and therefore we are absolutely sure, that Dees & Dirk are the right persons.
She is a realy cutie and we’re sure that she will be a part of your horse-family very quickly

Oak Bay Salsa After Dark kommt goes Europe!

We are very proud to announce that Oak Bay Salsa After Dark will come over to Europe very soon!
The WorldChampion 2013 & WorldGrandChampion 2013 Futurity is really an extraordinary horse, which will be a new member of Baldeney Miniatures  & Minis-von-der-Niersquelle.
Special Thanks to Sheryl Peterson for this superb stallion and Casey Campbell for the professional Training & showing at the WorldShow.

We’re looking Forward to the showseason 2014!


AMHA WorldShow 2013 – Fort Worth / TX

Just returning back from the great AMHA WorldShow in Texas, where we showed 2 beatiful Young Mares together with Joanne Ross ( Both of them were placed within the Top10 which is a great result we’re very proud of. Many thanks to Joanne for her efforts invested making this possible!
It is always a big pleasure and an honour to Show the Little treasures at the worldshow and welcome our new mare in our stable: Some like it hot (World Top10)

Some Like it Hot (J Ross) & Crown Jewel (M Boox)
Crown Jewel (J Ross) & Some like it Hot (M Boox)

Some like it Hot
Some like it hot (Amateur Mares Lvl1)

Crown Jewel
Crown Jewel (Futurity)