Since Equitana Open Air in 2008 we are in love with the great hobby of keeping and breeding the American Miniature Horses. Very quickly, right after the Equitana, we decided to start showing those lovely animals on the shows and got the first mare. Now, some years later, we already own 10 mares & 1 colt of those unique horses and we really enjoy them each day. In between the shows and the breeding enriched our lives and the yearly AMHA Worldshow in Texas is one the great highlights each year. Furthermore we keep 3 “regular” horses for riding and all of them are kept at the same willow during the spring & summer season.

We are:


Actually he was the one, who set the ball rolling when he felt in love with the miniature horses in 2008. His enthuisiasm and engagement for the hobby makes him travelling thousands of kilometers each year. Recurrently the highlight of the year is the AMHA WorldShow in Texas, USA where he actively particapted for the first time in 2011 showing a horse to the judges. Another big love, for almost 40 years now, is breeding canaries. With the birds, he won a lot of european and even worldwide competitions, which still engages him to go on improving his breeding.


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Andrea spends a lot of time with the horses each day. She takes care for the daily work in the stable, but also trains the horses and exhibits them on the show. If there is some spare time she regularly makes trips with a carriage drawn by one of our miniatures or trains the horses for circus tricks. Along the miniature horses her big passion is riding horses, where she is focussed in dressage and training young horses as of the beginning. Andrea works with horses since she was a child and her priority is to work with them on a natural and horse-friendly way.
Her slogan: There is nothing you can’t do, when your horse becomes a part of you.

Hildegard & Michael

Hildegard, the kind soul in the team. While always escorting the team she supports with all preparations during the shows and supports whenever required at all ends. If you need her, she will be there.Michael is the technical contact in the team. He takes care for the website, taking photos, creating the flyers, etc. Of course, he supports as good as possible with daily work in the stable and during the shows.